EMDR Therapy Workshops

The main focus of our Strategic Plan for FY 2015 was to develop a training program for EMDR therapists in Nebraska.  The primary goal was to encourage mental health clinicians to become trained in EMDR therapy.  Additional goals were  to:

  • Encourage clinicians to complete all parts of the EMDR therapy Basic Training (especially those clinicians who have only completed the first weekend of training)
  • Increase the number of EMDR therapists in Nebraska
  • Compile a comprehensive database of partially and fully trained EMDR therapists in Nebraska
  • Increase membership in EMDRIA
  • Encourage EMDR therapists who have completed the Basic Training to become certified
  • Increase the number of EMDRIA Approved Consultants in Nebraska
  • Educate other clinicians and the community about the benefits of EMDR therapy

Information about the following EMDR therapy workshops previously sponsored by Behavioral Health Resources, LLC were be found on the website of the Southeast Nebraska EMDRIA Regional Network.  (The network was dissolved in January 2024 and the website was deleted at that time.)  Registration and workshop coordination was provided by the Training for Addiction Professionals (TAP) Program.   Click here for a postcard of these events.


  • EMDR Therapy Refresher Course & Part 2 w/ consultation   –  June 3-5, 2016 in Lincoln, Nebraska
  • EMDR Therapy Basic Training (Part 1 & 2 w/ consultation)   –  June & October 2016 in Lincoln, Nebraska


  • EMDR Therapy Basic Training (Part 1 & 2 w/ consultation)   –  July & September, 2015 in Lincoln, Nebraska
  • EMDR Therapy Basic Training (Part 1 & 2 w/ consultation)   –  October & November, 2015 in Lincoln, Nebraska
  • EMDR Therapy Boot Camp   –  October 23-24, 2015 in Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Breaking the Cycle: A Comprehensive EMDR Therapy Approach to Problem Behaviors  –  November 13-14, 2015 in Lincoln, Nebraska
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