The Consulting Process

On-site and remote CARF consulting services are provided in the U.S. and Canada.

U.S. & Canada mapThe consulting process begins when an organization decides to contract for the services of a consultant.  The CARF consultant can provide assistance when you are feeling overwhelmed by the details of preparing for an accreditation survey, re-survey, and/or continuous quality improvement.  We offer different levels of consulting  services so that you can select the particular combination of options to meet the needs and budget of your organization.  Information about the specific services can be found in the CARF Consulting Services section.

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The initial focus for the consultant is to become familiar with the vision, mission, values, philosophy, and services of your organization and to develop a collaborative relationship.  Specific objectives and outcomes are identified and options are provided.  A conceptual agreement is then established regarding consulting services and fees.  This leads to development of a written proposal (i.e., Consulting Agreement) and Business Associate Agreement.   Formal verbal and written reports are reviewed at time frames that are mutually agreed upon by the consultant and the organization.

During the initial phone call, the consultant will need to know the following information:

  1. How did you learn about Behavioral Health Resources?
  2. What is your name, contact information (phone and e-mail), the name of your organization, and website URL.
  3. Are any of the programs in your organization currently accredited by CARF?
  4. What are the programs, program focus, age group, and last accreditation decision for each accredited program?  (Or for which you plan to pursue accreditation.)  For example,
    Click on the appropriate links below for information pertaining to each program area.

  5. Which standards manual are you using (i.e., Behavioral Health, Children/Youth Services, or Opioid Treatment Programs)?
  6. At how many locations are services provided?
  7. Are medications used in any of the programs (i.e., prescribed, controlled, dispensed, or administered)?
  8. Are seclusion and/or restraint used in any of the programs?
  9. Do you plan to apply the optional Governance standards (i.e., section 1.B)?
  10. Have you created a Customer Connect account on the CARF website?
  11. When was your last CARF survey?
  12. Have you submitted the Survey Application for your next (or original) survey?
  13. Do you have someone in your organization who has a good working knowledge of the CARF standards?
  14. Do you have the most current version of relevant CARF Standards Manual (i.e., 2023)?
  15. Is a CARF surveyor on staff at your organization?
  16. Has anyone in your organization participated in CARF training events?
  17. Have you received assistance from the CARF Resource Specialist?
  18. Have you contracted for the services of a CARF consultant in the past?
  19. What are the main areas for which you need consultation now (i.e., what are your goals and/or specific projects identified)?
  20. When would you need the consultant to begin?
  21. When is the deadline for consultation services to be complete?
  22. Has your organization budgeted for consultation services?  If so, what is the budget (or budget range)?
  23. Who has approval authority within your organization for contracting with the consultant?

Once this information has been provided to the consultant and the specific project(s) have been identified, the consultant will develop an Options and Fees document for your review within two business days.  If you decide to contract for services, you will be sent a draft Consulting Agreement and Business Associate Agreement. (Allow one to two weeks for this review and negotiation of terms).   Services will begin on the date agreed upon and once the initial fee has been paid.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Like our solutions, fees vary depending on the project, type of services requested, identified objectives, and the project timeline. Because each organization is unique, a fee estimate cannot be given until this information is obtained. We will work with you to find the solutions that are both effective and affordable. To schedule a free consultation, contact us at 402-486-1101 or



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